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Integrated Medical Support Services for the Hospitality Industry of South Africa

About MediCase

MediCase is a premier medical support network with services tailored for the hospitality and tourism industry. In partnership as a support service for Cape Town Tourism, we provide comprehensive medical assistance to ensure your stay is safe and worry-free.

Access to care from anywhere

At MediCase, we pride ourselves on being the pioneers of on-site medical support for the hospitality industry.

Our Services

MediCase’s dedication to offering advanced global medical solutions is evident in their holistic approach to healthcare, ensuring that the well-being of international guests are always prioritized.

Our team is available around the clock to provide guidance and support for any medical inquiries or emergencies.

Should you require a physician, we offer a prompt medical doctor callout service, ensuring professional care is delivered to your hotel or place of accommodation.

Provided through Advanced Global Medical Solutions (AGMS), our medical doctor callout service ensures that a physician is available to provide professional care at your hotel or place of accommodation and this generally covered by travel insurance. We were hand-in-hand with several insurances to sure that claims can even be submitted directly.

Advanced Global Medical Solutions also powers our virtual healthcare services, offering you expert medical advice without leaving your room.

We navigate the complexities of medical insurance with you, clarifying what may or may not be covered and assisting with claims.

From general advice to specialist referrals, we guide you to the nearest and most suitable medical facilities or service. 


MediCase is a membership-driven product, designed to cater to a diverse range of accommodation providers, including hotels, guest houses, and other lodging establishments. Our membership ensures that every partner can offer their guests the highest standard of medical support services.


By joining MediCase, accommodation providers are not only enhancing the safety and well-being of their guests but also elevating the overall guest experience with the assurance of quality medical care at their fingertips.

Inclusive Access:

Membership is open to various types of accommodations, ensuring that whether you’re a cozy guest house or a luxury hotel, your guests are covered.

Comprehensive Support:

From insurance liaison to specialist referrals, our members have access to a complete suite of medical assistance services.

Priority Services:

Members enjoy priority access to our doctor callout and telemedicine services, provided through Advanced Global Medical Solutions (AGMS).

24/7 Assistance:

A dedicated support line is available around the clock for any medical concerns or emergencies that may arise.


MediCase is a pioneering medical support service that provides a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions, particularly for international guests. Below is an overview of the services offered by MediCase:

Why Choose MediCase?


For any medical support or inquiries, please reach out to our 24-hour support line or contact your hotel concierge.

021 300 5795

The Foundry, Unit 103, 74 Prestwich Street, Dewaterkant, Cape Town 8000

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